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RG Hillview Farm
Models & Accessories

About us

We bring the magic of farms to life with our handcrafted wooden farm models and accessories. We're passionate about creating high-quality, bespoke playthings that inspire creativity and endless hours of imaginative fun for children across the UK and Ireland. We offer everything a young farmer needs to create a bustling farmyard scene. From the classic red tractor, a cornerstone of any farm, to the workhorse combine harvester, essential for bringing in the harvest, every piece is built to inspire hours of imaginative play.

Farm Models & Accessories

Browse our selection of beautiful farm models, from lifelike animals and tractors to charming barns and fencing.

Designed with Love, Built to Last

Each piece is crafted with care by our skilled artisans, ensuring durability and heirloom quality that can be passed down for generations. Whether your child dreams of sprawling fields or bustling farmyards, we have the perfect pieces to build their dream farm.

We're thrilled to announce exciting new collaborations and a range of innovative products coming soon! Stay tuned to discover even more ways to bring the love of farm life to your home.





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